“Where age-appropriate music & choreography are important to us!”

At Keller’s Grace of Dance, we believe in the importance of using age-appropriate music and choreography. Costumes are kept classy and tasteful.

Students will learn proper technique, terminology and self-discipline to name a few but we also like to have fun along the way and encourage a true love for dance. It is also our goal to help with local outreach programs and be a blessing to those in need.

“We strive to make a positive and lasting impression on each individual student. We want to celebrate their special and unique qualities while also challenge them to go beyond their own personal level, which ultimately develops them to be the best dancers that they can be.”

Cori Brown
Owner & Director
Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

About the Owner/Director

photo of cori brown

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Cori began training at eight years old in various forms of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, etc. She later turned her focus toward pom and cheerleading throughout her high school years and competed nationally where she was captain of her 5A Division Pom line, winning various awards including a state championship.

Professionally, she was a Phoenix Suns Dancer where she performed at NBA home games (2000-2001). Later on, she decided to take her dreams to Texas where she became part of the world renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (2005-2007) and performed in front of 65,000 fans at the historical Texas Stadium.

As a cheerleader for the Cowboys, she has made multiple appearances throughout the community including charity events and has hosted both dance/cheer competitions and seminars. She has performed with a number of famous artists including Carrie Underwood, Journey, Sheryl Crow, Blake Shelton, Paula De Ann, Neal McCoy, and more.

Dance lessons have wonderful benefits for the student:

  • Promotes self-expression and creativity
  • Develops patience and perseverance as they learn to master a skill
  • Improves coordination, memory and balance
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Teaches the importance of dedication and team work