***Each family will need to sign a studio policy form with each new dance season.  You can pick up a copy at the front desk during your child’s first class. Thank you!***


Liability: Our studio takes great care and consideration for each student’s safety. With dance however, like with any other form of physical activity, the risk of injury is always possible. By reviewing this document, the parent/legal guardian acknowledges this risk and does not hold Keller’s Grace of Dance responsible for any injuries or occurrences. It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to discuss any medical/health issues or any past injuries with the student’s instructor or at the time of registration.

Insurance: Keller’s Grace of Dance does not carry medical insurance for students and is not responsible for providing any type of reimbursement for any reason. Each student is required to be under their own family’s medical insurance.

Dance Season: Fall session begins in August and we will wrap up spring’s session toward the end of May. Our annual recital is typically held early June.  For students not participating in recital, their classes will go through the end of April.  We may have a 6-week summer session (June-July) as well as mini summer camps for those that wish to continue for the summer.

We follow most of Keller ISD’s school closings for holidays. Our studio will be closed for the following: Labor Day, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring break, Good Friday & Easter weekend, and Memorial Day.

Annual Registration/Costume/Recital Fees: There is a non-refundable annual fee due at the time of registration. For new students the registration fee is $45 and for returning students it is $35. For 2 or more students, the registration fee is $50 total. Students that were already enrolled for fall/spring session do not need to pay summer registration fee. For new students that only wish to register for summer camps/sessions, it is $15 to register per child.

The annual recital fee is $75 for the first initial student (+$25 additional per sibling) and goes toward renting the facility, production/technician fees, lighting, etc. The annual recital fee is due no later than Feb. 15th and is non-refundable for any reason. If you do not wish to participate in the recital, please let office know at the time of registration.

Costume fees will vary per class and could cost anywhere from $75-$100+ per costume. Please allow room for additional items that you may need to purchase such as tights, dance shoes, make-up, etc. Costume fees are due November 15th.

Tuition/Payment Information: Tuition is only prorated for the first month of registration and will not vary due to shorter/longer months in the calendar year (for example: months that incorporate Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, etc). We base our tuition pricing on a 10 month package that is divided accordingly. If a student misses a class (due to sickness, vacation or other event), they may take a make-up class which can be used within one month. No refunds will be given for students that miss a class. For cancellations, we ask for a 30 day written notice (such as an email) and to be notified prior to the next month’s auto draft going through.  If the auto draft has already been ran, we will be unable to issue a refund.

Tuition is paid through an “auto pay” system and charges your account on the 1st of every month. We do not send out reminders as this is done automatically each month. The first month’s prorate as well as the registration fee will be charged at the time of registration. All other fees (such as costume or recital fees) will also be charged using auto pay but at the time that they are due. You may supply either your debit card or credit card (except for American Express). No other forms of payment (such as cash or checks) will be accepted.

Returned Payments: There is a $30 NSF fee for any returned payments. Studio may request for cash or other certified funds if there are repeated occurrences. If necessary, the studio may need to drop/cancel students for any outstanding balances.

Attendance/Make-up Classes: Commitment is key to the student’s long term success. We encourage students to attend all classes so that they do not get behind when learning material or preparing for recital. Students must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to their class starting and be fully dressed in proper dress code.

Tuition will not be prorated/discounted for students missing classes. If a student misses a class, they may take a make-up class by making arrangements with the front desk. We are usually not able to accommodate make-up classes during our spring session (January-May) and it will depend on our availability.  Please notify the instructor if you plan on missing future classes due to a planned event/vacation/etc.

If the studio cancels class due to inclement weather or any other situation that is beyond our control, students may take a make-up class. All make-up classes must be used within one month.  We will send out an email and a text message (if you are opted in to our text feature) to notify you of a cancellation.  Please keep a current email address on file.

Safety & Other Studio Policies: Safety is our #1 priority. Students must wait inside the studio/lobby while waiting to be picked up after class. If we feel necessary, the studio may ask to see proper identification (such as a driver’s license) of the individual who is picking up the student. Siblings and all other small children waiting inside of the lobby must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Please keep classrooms, restrooms, and lobby areas clean. Dance bags and other belongings must be stored out of the way and clear from traveling areas. Noise levels should be kept at a minimum and we do not allow running or rough play in the lobby at any time.

Students may not go in the classroom without a teacher present. To avoid distraction, we ask that parents do not go inside the classroom or open the door at any time unless asked by the teacher. For younger combo classes, teachers will change out dance shoes for students. We ask that parents encourage their little ones to use the restroom prior to their class starting.

For our parents’ viewing enjoyment, we installed observation windows so that they can see step by step what the student is learning. Please do not touch or knock on glass at any time.

Classes will start promptly on time and so we ask that if you need to speak with an instructor, to please leave your information with the front desk. We will have the instructor contact you where they will be happy to address any needs/questions that you may have by phone or schedule a meeting if preferred.

Photo Release: Keller’s Grace of Dance is granted permission to take photographs or videos of their students to use in any forms of advertising (such as websites, posters, flyers, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

Conduct: We strive to keep a positive, fun-filled environment for our students and their families to enjoy. If we feel it is necessary, Keller’s Grace of Dance may discontinue/cancel its services at any time to any individuals who do not follow this philosophy or who participate in behavior that is not in our best interest.