All classes are 60 minutes

Pre-K Combo (Ages 3-4)

  • This combo class is a collaboration of two styles of dance in one! The first 30 minutes will emphasize on ballet and we will switch to either tap or jazz (depending on your selection) for the remainder of class. Your little dancer will learn structure and terminology not to mention have a ton of fun along the way while using their imaginations! Stickers at the end of each class will reward them for a job well done.

 Ballet (Ages 5 & Up)

  • Ballet is the imperative foundation for all forms of dance. The student will be trained on technique, terminology, and an overall grace while developing strength and balance.

Jazz (Ages 5 & Up)

  • Jazz is an upbeat, expressive form of dance where the student will learn turns, leaps, and a variety of combinations and choreography.

Tap (Ages 5 & Up)

  • Tap is a fun, fast-paced form of dance where the student will learn rhythm and coordination as well as terminology and a variety of combination steps. They will create beautiful music with their feet!

Lyrical/Praise & Worship (Ages 7 & Up)

  • Lyrical/Praise & Worship is a fusion of ballet and jazz where the student learns to incorporate emotion and flexibility through the use of contemporary Christian/worship music. This class incorporates prayer and learns how to worship & glorify God through movement.

Contemporary (Ages 7 & Up)

  • Contemporary is a mix of many styles of dance (including ballet, modern and jazz) and often incorporates unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction.

Hip Hop (Ages 5 & Up)

  • Hip-Hop is a funky, street-style form of dance that is loads of fun! Only clean/appropriate rap and hip-hop music will be used to get our groove on!

Technique (Ages 9+ years)

  • Technique classes will help to strengthen and perfect overall technique.  Students will work on turns, leaps, flexibility, and more. Strength building and conditioning are also strongly emphasized. The purchase of ankle weights or bands may be required for this class.  *It is recommended that students are also enrolled in at least 1 ballet class.


Drill Team Prep Classes:

Drill Team Prep (Ages 10+ years)

  • This class is great preparation for those considering trying out for their high school/college drill team. Students will learn fast-paced “drill team” choreography, kick lines, formation changes, and the importance of executing each move with power and precision.