Now registering for Fall 2017-Spring 2018!  You are welcome to register online, by phone or in person at the studio!

*Schedule below is subject to change.  Please contact our office to check availability.


Boys’ Hip Hop & Break Dancing  *60 min.

Detail Days Times
Ages 5-7 years Monday 4:00pm
Ages 8+ years Wednesday 6:00pm

Pre-K Combo (Ballet & Tap)  Ages 3-4 years *60 min.

Detail Days Times
Morning Monday 9:30am & 10:30am
Morning Tuesday 9:30am & 10:30am
Morning Wednesday 9:30am & 10:30am
Morning Thursday 9:30am & 10:30am
Morning Saturday 9:30am & 10:00am
Evening Monday 4:30pm
Evening Tuesday 5:30pm
Evening Wednesday 5:30pm
Evening Thursday 4:30pm

Cheer & Tumble & Drill Team Prep  *60 min.

Detail Days Times
Jr. Cheer & Tumble 5-7 years Monday 5:30pm
Jr. Cheer & Tumble 5-7 years Saturday 11:00am
 Cheer & Tumble 8+ years Wednesday 6:30pm
Cheer & Tumble 8+ years Saturday 11:30am
Drill Team Prep/High Kick  *12+ years Monday 7:00pm
Drill Team Prep/High Kick  *10+ years Thursday 6:30pm

Ages 5-7 (also see below for 6-9 years)    *60 min.

Detail Days Times
Ballet  Monday 4:00pm
Ballet  Tuesday 4:00pm
Ballet  Wednesday 4:30pm
Ballet  Friday 6:00pm
Ballet  Saturday 9:30am
 Jazz  Tuesday 4:30pm
Jazz  Wednesday 5:30pm
 Tap  Thursday 5:00pm
Hip Hop  Monday 5:00pm
Hip Hop  Wednesday 4:30pm
Hip Hop  Thursday 5:30pm
Hip Hop  Friday 4:00pm
Jr. Cheer & Tumble  Monday 5:30pm
Jr. Cheer & Tumble Saturday 11:00am

Ages 6-9 (also see above for 5-7 years)   *60 min.

 Detail Days  Times
 Ballet Tuesday 5:00pm
 Ballet Thursday 4:00pm
 Jazz Monday 6:00pm
Tap Thursday 5:00pm
 Hip Hop Tuesday 4:00pm
 Hip Hop Saturday 12:00pm
Lyrical Praise & Worship Wednesday 6:30pm

Ages 8+ years   *60 min. 

Detail Days Times
 Ballet Monday 6:30pm
 Ballet Tuesday 5:00pm
 Ballet Saturday 12:30pm
 Jazz Thursday 6:00pm
Jazz Saturday 10:30am
 Tap (Beginner) Wednesday 4:00pm
 Tap II (Intermediate) Thursday 7:00pm  *Must have at least 2 years of tap and teacher approval to enroll
 Hip Hop I (Intermediate) Monday 6:30pm  *Must have at least 1 year of hip hop to enroll
 Hip Hop Tuesday 6:30pm
Hip Hop Wednesday 5:00pm
 Hip Hop Thursday 4:00pm
 Lyrical Praise & Worship Monday 5:00pm
 Lyrical Praise & Worship Thursday 6:00pm
Contemporary (Beginner) Tuesday 6:00pm
Contemporary (Beginner) Saturday 10:30am
Cheer & Tumble Wednesday 6:30pm
Cheer & Tumble Saturday 11:30am

Ages 12+ teen    *60 min. 

Detail Days Times
 Ballet Tuesday 6:00pm
 Ballet Thursday 7:00pm
 Jazz Tuesday 7:00pm
 Beginner Tap (for ages 8+ years) Wednesday 4:00pm
 Tap II (Intermediate) Thursday 7:00pm  *Must have at least 2 years of tap and teacher approval to enroll
 Hip Hop Wednesday 7:00pm
 Lyrical Praise & Worship Monday 7:00pm
 Contemporary (Beginner) *Ages 8+ years Tuesday 6:00pm
 Contemporary (Beginner) *Ages 8+ years Saturday 10:30am
Drill Team Prep/High Kick 12+ years Monday 7:00pm
Drill Team Prep/High Kick 10+ years Thursday 6:30pm