Please contact our office to check availability and we are happy to help you with your enrollment!


***Schedule below is subject to change

Boys’ Hip Hop & Breakdancing  Ages 8+ years  *Classes are 60 min.

Saturday 10am

 Pre-K Combo (Select either Ballet & Tap or Ballet & Jazz)  Ages 3-4 years *Classes are 60 min.

***Pre-K Combo classes will only perform 1 dance for the annual recital so you will only need to purchase 1 costume.

Pre-k Combo (Ballet & Tap): Monday 9:30am, Monday 4:30pm, Tuesday 10:30am, Wednesday 9:30am, Wednesday 10:30am, Wednesday 5:15pm, Thursday 10:30am, Thursday 6pm, Saturday 10:30am

Pre-k Combo (Ballet & Jazz): Tuesday 9:30am, Saturday 9:15am

Mighty Movers (Creative Movement & Tumbling)  Ages 3-5 years *Classes are 60 min.

***This class is non-recital***

Monday 10:30am OR Saturday 9:30am

Ages 5-7 years   *Classes are 60 min.

Beginner Ballet   Monday 4pm, Tuesday 5pm, Thursday 9:30am (morning), Thursday 4:15pm, Friday 4:15pm, Saturday 10:15am

Beginner Tap    Tuesday 4:15pm

Jazz & Hip Hop Combo (this class will only perform 1 dance in recital): Tuesday 5:15pm, Wednesday 4:30pm, Friday 4:15pm, Saturday 12:15pm

Junior Cheer & Tumble  Monday 5:30pm, Friday 5:15pm

Ages 7-9 years  *Classes are 60 min.

Beginner Ballet (ages 8+ yrs)   Tuesday 4pm

Ballet 1 (students must have completed at least 1 year of ballet)  Monday 5pm, Tuesday 6pm, Saturday 11:15am

Beginner Jazz    Thursday 4pm

Lyrical/Praise & Worship   Thursday 11:30am (morning), Thursday 5pm, Saturday 11:30am

Hip Hop   Tuesday 6:15pm, Wednesday 6:15pm, Friday 6:15pm

Junior Cheer & Tumble    Monday 6:30pm

Tap 1   Wednesday 5:30pm   (students must have completed at least 1 year of tap to be enrolled)   *If beginner, student may be evaluated to join this class upon teacher approval.

Ages 9+ years *Classes are 60 min.  

Beginner Ballet (ages 8+ years)   Tuesday 4pm

Ballet 1 (students must have completed at least 1 year of ballet)   Monday 7pm, Thursday 6:15pm

Ballet 2 (students must have completed at least 2 years of ballet)  Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday 7:15pm

Ballet 3 (students must have teacher approval prior to enrolling)   Wednesday 6:15pm

Ballet 2/3 Technique & Deep Stretch (students must have taken a minimum of 2-3 years of ballet)  ***Non-Recital***  Monday 6pm,  Wednesday 5:15pm

Pre-Pointe (students must have teacher approval prior to enrolling) ***Non-Recital***   Wednesday  7:15pm      ***Please ask us about our pointe classes***

Lyrical/Praise & Worship     Tuesday 4:15pm, Thursday 4:15pm, Thursday 7pm

Technique (Beg. Intermediate-Approval needed) (Leaps, Turns, & Progressions)  ***Non-Recital***  Tuesday 5:15pm

Beginner Turns & Technique ***Non-Recital***  Wednesday 6:30pm

Hip Hop     Tuesday 7:15pm (ages 11+ years-teen), Thursday 5:15pm, Thursday 7:15pm, Saturday 11am

Boys’ Hip Hop & Breakdancing (ages 8+ years)   Saturday 10am

Beginner Tap (ages 8+ years)  Saturday 12:30pm

Tap 2. Beg. Intermediate (students must have completed 2+ years of tap to be enrolled or have teacher approval)    Wednesday 4:15pm

Musical Theater   Friday 6:15pm

Beginner Modern   Friday 5:15pm

Beginner Contemporary   Wednesday 7:15pm   ***Begins January 2022

Performance Company Classes:


Debut Company:

Monday 4:15pm Jazz & Lyrical Combo

Monday 5:15pm Hip Hop & Bible Study

Wednesday 4:15pm   Ballet


Junior Company:

Monday 6:15pm Jazz & Contemporary Combo

Monday 7:15pm Hip Hop & Bible Study

Thursday 5:15pm Ballet

Thursday 6:15pm  Technique & Production (combining with Intermed. 1 company)


Intermediate 1 Company:

Tuesday 6:15pm Jazz & Contemporary Combo

Tuesday 7:15pm Hip Hop & Bible Study

Thursday 6:15pm Technique & Production (combining with Junior company)

Thursday 7:15pm Ballet