***Recital 2021 is tentatively scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 5th.  Mandatory dress rehearsals are scheduled for June 3rd or June 4th, depending on which show(s) your child is assigned to.  These dates are subject to change due to facility regulations/Covid updates. More details including location, show times will be sent out later this season so stay tuned!***


Recital is typically held in early/mid June. It is optional yet HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to provide students with something to work toward for the year and gives them a fun opportunity to showcase their newly developed skills. Performing on a stage in front of a large audience is a tremendous confidence booster and sense of accomplishment for our kiddos! We make it a very special day for them!

If your child chooses not to participate in recital, their last month of classes will be April.  If they participate in recital, their classes typically run through the entire month of May.

Costumes vary per class and will range between $75-$100+.  Cheer and tumble costumes will cost more since they will include a pair of pom poms.  Most costumes will include tights.  Costume fees are scheduled to auto draft on November 15th.

There is also a non-refundable recital fee of $75 for the first initial student and an additional $25 per sibling.  Recital fees are scheduled to auto draft on Feb. 15th.

We hope you will join us for this very fun and memorable event!